Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where VHS went to die

Last week i overheard "but we don't have a VCR" three times, for some reason that made me sad.

I still buy oddball VHS titles, if you have obscure VHS finds send em down!


  1. We have one and people give us tapes pretty regularly. We have to weed them out a couple times a year. My brother gave us his VCR, then a few months later, my dad offered us his. They are still around, and there are some movies that haven't made it to DVD and probably won't make it to Bluray.
    Hey, can you add to your blog list? Thanks.

  2. I will never give up the VCR, there are so many great (and awful-great) films out there that will never see DVD format... Liquid Sky, Sinful Life, etc. And working condition VCRs will always be easier to find than Laser Disc players.

  3. I still have a VCR, and a small collection of tapes to go with it. I'm not the tech savvy type that will ever figure out how to convert VHS to DVD, nor can I probably afford what the process entails, so as long as my VCR still works, I'll continue to use it! ;)