Monday, June 6, 2011

Holy $@%& Cat Stollers are a thing

When Phil submitted the previous cat stroller pic to me, I simply took it as the act of a random weirdo but my world was changed rounding the corner of an outdoor market yesterday. There it was, a stroller made specifically for a cat.

Perhaps I'm a touch naive, as I'm hyper allergic to them, but is this a common thing in the world of cat people? I mean, this is an animal that to my knowledge, is perfectly happy being left alone, for long periods of time. Why would someone need a device to bring them to places they have zero interest in being?

L'il help Cat Fancy subscribers? My head hurts.

In "just my luck" style, the woman who owned this device not only seemed balanced but was super friendly and made sure to take the top down so I could  document this cat's simmering rage.

If you see a Cat Stoller in the wild, PLEASE send me pics.

1 comment:

  1. Oh god, nooo! Have never seen such a thing over here in the UK, but if you've got them starting to appear over there across the pond then you can bet your life (all nine of them) that they'll be turning up here too in no time... 'Flea' markets will become literally just that if these catch on...! Will keep a look-out (btw I don't have a cat)